2023 Year 5 Exhibition

The IB PYP exhibition is an event where students are given the opportunity to share their understanding of a real-life issue or topic they have covered. It’s a great way to help pupils reflect on all their learning while developing skills of presentation and assessment.


This year we framed our inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme “How we express ourselves” with our central idea being ‘Passionate learners can be the seed of growth for a better future’. Students began by looking at the Sustainable Development Goals and choosing one they were passionate about. After researching their chosen global goal in a variety of ways, students learnt about organisations that advocate and take action and found ways to be advocates themselves.


The International Baccalaureate defines advocacy as ‘taking action individually or collectively to publicly support positive social, environmental or political change.’


Students advocated for their chosen global goal in creative and varying ways and really were passionate learners as their shared their knowledge and understanding with the wider community. In their exhibition groups students also had to negotiate, develop empathy, be balanced, manage their time, work on communication skills, and reflect on knowledge, conversations throughout their exhibition journeys. Skills that are important not only at school, but throughout life.


2023 exhibition was yet another wonderful time of learning, growth and community.


Mrs Melissa O’Shea

Head of Teaching & Learning (Junior Years) / PYP Coordinator