co-curricular: The arts

Music at Trinity

Music is an integral part of the school curriculum and community at Trinity. It is offered as a subject and as a co-curricular activity. We see music as a form of expression, a skill to master, and a talent to explore, and it is our goal to equip our students with the knowledge and attitude for ongoing enjoyment of music in the practical, theoretical, and technological fields.


Trinity’s choral program in the primary years lays the foundation of ensemble work and helps students develop their vocal technique and performance skills. The program encourages participation and team work and most importantly, gives students an opportunity to have fun through performing. There are many opportunities for students to put these skills to use in their performances throughout the year.

The middle and senior choral program not only builds on the primary foundation of vocal technique but it also develops their ability to sing in harmony in a variety of choral groups for non-auditioned choirs through to highly advanced
chamber choirs.

From beginner to advanced, there is a choir ensemble for everyone! Choral ensembles include:


Trinity’s instrumental program supports and nurtures musicians from Years 2 to 12 and offers a wide and diverse range of orchestral, concert band and contemporary opportunities for music students to complement their academic and private studies. Students that participate in the program learn how to work with a conductor, to listen to other instruments, to blend their sound and how to play with others.


From beginner bands to advance string ensembles, students are taught the value of contribution, to be a part of a team working toward a common goal, to be responsible and disciplined to achieve success and most importantly to have fun through playing music.

Band Ensembles: