Our Community Engagement Manager spends a lot of her time bringing our community together with the help of the P&F Committee. Michelle took some time to chat with the new P&F President Cherie Williams on her recent appointment.

M: What motivated you to join the P&F (Parents and Friends) organisation as its president? 

C: My motivation to join the P & F was to assist where I could, my Philosophy is many hands make light work. After a year of assisting the team as a volunteer with both College and Foundation events, I put my hand up to take on the President role.

M: Can you share a specific experience or moment that influenced your decision to take on a leadership role within the P&F? 

C: My decision to join the P & F originally was influenced after assisting you Michelle, to set up for the Mothers Day High Tea at the HOTA in 2022. Once I was involved my interest in the P & F grew and I thought this was a great way to meet new people and be a big part of the Trinity community. At the time I had a Preppy and the road ahead at Trinity was going to be long so why not get involved. Never did I think in 2024 I would be the President.

M: In your opinion, what unique contributions do you believe you can make to the P&F as its president? 

C: Being the president I hope to bring great events to our community, build on what we do currently and create a bigger and better community for the Trinity families. Get families together and unite life long friendships.

M: How do you envision your role impacting the overall goals and mission of the P&F, and what aspirations do you have for the P&F under your leadership?

C: I would like to lead the team and encourage involvement to our community, I want to encourage feedback and ideas of what our community would like to see, what changes we can make for our children and families alike. The goal of the P& F this year is to Friendraise not Fundraise and I hope as the President to make it work.