our college: middle years

Learning and Curriculum

At Trinity we offer a broad and challenging curriculum, and a comprehensive co-curricular program, which encourages students to develop their own identities, strengths, and pathways to achievement. The Middle Years are the years in which physical and emotional growth surges, so we provide an environment where our students can develop with expert guidance and support.


Unique to Trinity are our personalised pathways to learning ensuring that by Year 10, the unique talents of our students, be it academic, cultural or vocational, are
nurtured through a dedicated path appropriate to their chosen form of education.


Trinity provides opportunities for students to learn in each of nine learning areas:

YEar 6/7 curriculum handbook YEar 8/9 curriculum handbook

Students study a combination of subjects from all nine key learning areas until Year 11 when they are supported to make choices about the learning areas and programs to ensure their eligibility for the Queensland Certificate of Education. External tutorials can at times be arranged to support and assist students in certain academic areas of need. Tutorials are not formalised and are organised on an ‘as needs’ basis. The first point of reference for parents would be a meeting and discussion with the student’s pastoral care teacher.


Technology engages students who have different learning styles and allows students to work anywhere, anytime. Use of information and communication technology provides a more dynamic, engaged and creative learning experience, one which encourages independence of thought and expression.

BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) is used in Years 6 to 12. This allows students to choose a device that they feel most comfortable with and the software tools they enjoy using. This creates a new learning environment where students have a choice in how they want to deliver a rich presentation, folio of work, or even an interactive class activity. These devices work hand in hand with our cloud based services and have a required battery life to last an exciting and engaging school day.