I am delighted to share with you a snapshot of my journey at Trinity, a place I proudly call home. My Trinity adventure began in 2016 as a Year 1 teacher, where I quickly discovered my love for this community and the Trinity way. Over the years, I’ve worn various hats, from teaching Year 3 and 4 students through to supporting teachers as a Lead Teacher for Mathematics. I have more recently embraced the role of STEM specialist teacher, and my commitment to fostering a supportive community led me to also serve as the Pastoral Support Leader (as an assistant to the Head of Wellbeing for Junior Years). My journey has been enriched through active involvement in various committees, initiatives, and professional development opportunities, including a learning tour to California. This year, I am honoured to take on the role of Dean of Students Junior Years (Years 3-5). I am genuinely passionate about education and empowering others to live their best lives, and I feel blessed to be part of the Trinity community.

As the Dean of Junior Years, my focus is crystal clear – I am here for the students. As a result, the three main aspects of the role are student support – wellbeing/relational management, student event oversight, and learning progression. As a key support person for children in Years 3-5, I will provide insights and strategies for more targeted personal and academic growth. I am also fortunate to be able to continue challenging students in STEM for Years 2-5 and in Maths for Years 4 and 5. Creating a safe space for students is at the core of my mission, and I aim to work collaboratively with parents, teachers, and the leadership team to achieve this goal. I want to foster a caring and supportive environment where every individual feels valued and respected. Together, I want us to make the Junior Years at Trinity a place where students don’t just learn but thrive.


My journey with Trinity Lutheran College began in January 1999 when I entered the gates as an eager Year 8 student. At this time, the College was only Years 8 -12, with Trinity Lutheran Primary being a separate school. I had moved to the Gold Coast a month prior and was excited to start high school. I loved school, learning in class with wonderful, caring teachers, playing various instruments, being a part of the netball team, attending camps and simply spending time with friends. Being a school that offered a holistic education, I felt there was no pressure to focus on one aspect of schooling and I embraced the attitude of trying new things through the many experiences offered across the Arts, Sport, and Academic programs. I completed my final year with the privilege of being a Prefect and MacKenzie Vice Captain (and have maintained my loyalty to the Red House to this day!). I then began my Bachelor of Education at Griffith University eventually completing my internship on the Junior Years Campus. This reignited my love for this school, encouraging me back after a few years working at another independent school.

Since 2011, I have been incredibly lucky to work within the Early Years at Trinity. Beginning in Year 2 then moving to Prep, my love for learning with students in these foundational years has only strengthened. The enthusiasm, excitement, and curiosity the children bring to the classroom makes every day a joy. It can be extremely hard work. I have even heard someone describe my job as a professional cat herder, which at times, probably isn’t far too off the mark! However, the craziness is part of the fun. In what other job can you be discussing patterns and forces, dressing up in full rainbow attire and counting to 100, watching a child write a sentence for the very first time and be called a princess when you’re feeling your most tired, all in one day?! Being an early years teacher is incredibly special.

Over the past 25 years, the Trinity community has helped me celebrate many roles; a student, a graduate, a teacher, a wife and a mother. I am thrilled and honoured to be commencing my newest role, Dean of Students – Early Years in 2024. I aim to put into place the experience I have gained over my teaching career to support the students, families, and their teachers within the Prep to Year 2 space alongside Mrs Dugdale who will be taking on the role of Dean of Students – Junior Years. Through this role, I will work with students both in and out of the classroom, support students with English as an additional language, as well as assist with the running of events within the Early Years. I will also keep my toes in the classroom through the teaching of Prep and Year 1 STEM in our beautiful Junior Learning Precinct. Having integrated units with STEM as a classroom teacher in the past, I am looking forward to being on the other side as a specialist teacher. 2024 is the year of new and exciting opportunities!