co-curricular: The arts

Dance and Drama

Involvement in dance and drama makes a demonstrated, lasting, positive impact on young people’s self-confidence, communication skills, academic interest and performance, concentration, and self-discipline.

our dance program

Trinity’s dance program is committed to developing students’ dance skills across all dance genres including contemporary, jazz and hip hop. The program encourages participation for all skill levels across Prep to Year 12 and promotes creativity, imagination and self-expression. Through the joy of dance, student’s physical, emotional and social skills are enhanced and students learn the importance of team work, dedication and commitment to giving their best at every rehearsal and performance, and feeling a sense of accomplishment when they work together to achieve their goals.


drama program

Trinity’s drama program provides students the opportunity to cultivate and improve their acting and performance skills through drama clubs, play rehearsal and performances.Trinity Lutheran College is a proud participant of the Gold Coast Drama Festival, which allows students to perform in an atmosphere of friendly competition, and strive for excellence through collaboration and team work. Drama students develop valuable communication skills, creative thinking and problem solving skills, motivation and commitment, adaptability and flexibility, and increased self-confidence, which not only enhances their performances but can also be applied to their academic studies.