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About Middle Years

Our purpose-built Middle Years Learning Precinct is located on our Ashmore Road Campus. It is a dedicated space where students in Years 6 to 9 can explore new interests in an environment which has the safe and positive development of young men and women at its heart as we focus on supporting physical and social development in the particularly formative years of early adolescence.

Promoting a Better

Transition from Primary

to Secondary School

Year 6 is the first year of middle schooling on the Ashmore Road campus, home to our Middle and Senior Years. Our dedicated middle school provides a supportive link between the primary and senior school years. Students in the Middle Years have their own dedicated buildings which allow us to open up new learning opportunities by offering students greater choice in subjects and facilities.

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Teachers Who Understand Adolescents

Our Middle Years teachers understand the developmental characteristics that are typical of young adolescents as they deal with a time of exceptional physical, social and emotional growth and change. Teachers provide effective teaching, learning and assessment strategies across the curriculum, focusing on an engaging teaching and learning program and providing learning environments that are inviting, supportive and safe.


We promote in depth learning and work to enhance students’ physical and emotional well-being. We also encourage family involvement by establishing strong home and school links. Our programs in the Middle Years build confidence, promote positive attitudes and behaviours and motivate students to achieve their best academically, socially, culturally and in sporting areas.

Maintaining Our Students’ Engagement With School Through the Transition.

Trinity Lutheran College works with each child’s unique skill-set, abilities and interests to develop the most appropriate learning path for them. We want every child to achieve their goals and, as they move towards their Senior years, it’s vital that they are set on the right path as early as possible.

We offer learning opportunities in nine key learning areas, as well as additional programs for sport, performing arts and extracurricular youth development programs such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Kokoda Challenge and structured class camps.

Trinity also actively promotes student leadership throughout the Middle and Senior Years. We believe that by giving students greater responsibility as they get older, they will become accountable, contributing members of society who value their community and the diversity within it.


Students are given the opportunity to be a part of a Middle Years Student Representative Council, and apply for College Captain and House Captain positions. This focused responsibility fosters necessary skill development in the areas of relationship building, teamwork, communication, delegation and organisation.