At Trinity there is a strong focus on career planning, academic monitoring and guidance in the Senior Years to ensure that each student is following a pathway that truly reflects their abilities and interests, including the development of certain soft skills that are fundamental to navigating the somewhat uncertain nature of the contemporary workforce.
A report by the Foundation for Young Australians states that “ It’s more likely that a 15-year-old today will experience a portfolio career, potentially having 17 different jobs over five careers in their lifetime”. Graduating Year 12 is part of a journey and definitely not the end destination.
We are privileged to play a part in that journey, and therefore delighted to share that our Class of 2022 have all realised their desired outcome/pathway in their journey following Year 12, and as planned through their Senior Years (Year 10 -12) with senior teaching staff and the support of our Careers Department.
We are so proud of each of you, so excited for what the future holds for you, and we look forward to staying in touch and following you as you start an exciting new chapter in your lives.