Every parent has to make choices about their child’s education. When a parent chooses to enrol their child in a private educational institution, irrespective of their stage of education, they are entering into a contractual arrangement with the school they choose to educate their child.


A contractual enrolment agreement is legally binding. It requires both parties, the school, and the parent/parents, to fulfill the terms of the agreement. The school must provide the agreed educational services and the parents must support the child’s access to the educational services on offer, including fulfilling their obligation to pay the fees charged.


An important part of the contractual agreement is the “partnership” between the school and parents in order to optimise the child’s education. Partnership means the two parties, school, and parents, agree to work together for the full benefit of the child enrolled.“Working together” harmoniously requires both parties to have a shared vision for the child’s education and their future, to have a relationship of mutual trust and honesty, and to be willing and committed to making the partnership work in the best interests of the child.


There are therefore several questions a parent should consider regarding their child’s education before they enter into an contractual enrolment agreement with a school. These are as follows:


  1. What is your vision for your child’s education at a particular school?
  2. How would you manage challenges in your child’s school experience as these will no doubt arise?
  3. How do you plan to communicate with the school? As a partner who is concerned, supportive and solution-focussed or as a client who demands service to the highest standard? Which communication approach and style will yield the best outcomes for your child?
  4. Are you prepared to fulfill your role and responsibilities within the partnership agreement as regards your child’s education?

If you are seeking a transformational educational experience for your child rather than a transactional one, then I can assure you that your child will thrive and flourish in the most amazing way at Trinity. It is your choice, and the control is in your hands.


Dr Tsae Wong