Trinity Lutheran College was one of three Independent Schools on the Gold Coast ranked in the Queensland Top 50 for the percentage of OP (overall positions) 1 to 5 students amongst the 2019 OP eligible students by the media. In fact, Trinity’s Class of 2019 students in this grouping were less than 2% below the highest ranked independent school on the Gold Coast.

I have always expressed my concerns about ranking schools based on limited factors. These rank orders do not demonstrate the full picture of what a school offers, and how a school meets the needs of the students. Defining the quality of a school based on their NAPLAN or OP results is a very narrow and very naïve definition.

Recently, I came across an article outlining the key characteristics of a ‘good school’ in our modern era. The author argued that a good school demonstrates 50 key characteristics. Academic performance was not included on the list but literacy and numeracy competency and engagement in literacy and numeracy was included as a key characteristic. It was affirming to see that Trinity ticks many these 50 characteristics.

Trinity is a community-minded school offering a holistic education, producing graduates who are well-adjusted, balanced and who contribute to the wider community as innovative global citizens.


Dr Tsae Wong,