Catering to over 1300 students from Early Learning through to Year 12, the College is one school providing a meaningful and fulfilling education across two campuses, allowing students to grow and achieve their own personal best within a strong and supportive community. Having two campuses allows us to provide purpose-built, specialist facilities which are all age-specific and age-appropriate for the students who attend them. This gives us the ability to cater for the needs of each of our individual learners.


Our Colew Street Campus houses an Early Learning Centre, a dedicated Out-of-School-Hours-Care facility, and a campus reserved for Prep to Year 5 students only. It has a purpose-built hall, music and visual arts area, aquatic centre, several playgrounds and oval spaces and a brand new Junior Learning Precinct which houses a state-of-the-art library, STEM facility, maker’s spaces, media rooms and a green wall, a wellbeing hub and beautiful modern cafe.


On our Ashmore Road Campus, we have a purpose-built Middle Years Precinct which is a dedicated space for students in Years 6 to 9, as well as a contemporary new Senior Learning Precinct which houses our Senior Years learning spaces, a cafe, a student kitchen and an impressive open-plan lecture theatre.



This campus is also equipped with a number of facilities which are used by students across all year levels from Year 6 through to Year 12.  They include the wellbeing hub, complete with a yoga studio, the trade training centre, a fully equipped commercial kitchen and restaurant, library, science laboratories, a water polo depth pool and a warm up pool, a purpose-built flexible learning space for Learning Enhancement, a sports centre, a gym, a performing arts area including a cultural precinct, individual tutor rooms and dance studio, a visual arts centre, a community centre, uniform shop, courts, ovals and playgrounds.


Having two campuses allows the college to be able to cater specifically for the differing age groups we serve from pre-schoolers through to our young adults in Year 12 . The Junior Campus provides a smaller, more intimate and nurturing environment where students can feel comfortable and secure. As they transition to the Ashmore Road campus, they look forward to the exciting spaces and different opportunities provided. Many transition activities occur to give the students opportunities to feel comfortable with and excited by the transition from Year 5 to Year 6. Separate campuses also enable us to have a smaller number of students on each campus so they can be better known by all members of staff and by each other on the varying campuses. 


As an innovative school, we continually look for ways to enhance and improve our teaching and learning program. We redesigned all our learning spaces in recent years to better cater for the students. Our Cotlew Street Campus has distinctive furniture and spaces that are different to those offered on our Ashmore Road Campus. We carefully consider the different age groups we cater for, and how their learning changes through the various stages of development from the early years through to their senior years. Having two campuses also allows us to share additional resources for example, our junior year levels perform at the Christmas Carols under the Stars event but it is held on our Ashmore Rd oval to accommodate the large number of people who attend and make it such a popular community event, and the intimate performing arts space of the Cultural Precinct can be used for twilight concerts for students of all age levels. 


Students in the Junior Years have access to all the facilities of a P-12 school and many more facilities than a stand-alone P-6 school but they are nurtured and cared for in a small home-away-from-home setting on the Cotlew Street Campus. Students in the Middle and Senior Years have access to state-of-the-art facilities that are shared across only 7 year levels and which cater specifically for adolescents and young adults.


If you have not yet seen the facilities on either campus, then we warmly encourage you to join one of our Principal’s or Head of Campus tours and experience the Trinity Advantage for yourself.