Year 5 Exhibition Night 2022 was an amazing way to celebrate the journey our Year 5s have been on over the last 10 weeks. With a focus on advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals through the arts lens, our students wowed us with their visual displays, knowledge on the global goals and teamwork.


This year we have framed our inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How we express ourselves’ with our central idea being ‘Passionate learners can be the seed of growth for a better future’. This has framed exhibition a little differently from previous years. Although research to understand an issue under the Sustainable Development Goals was initially carried out, there was also a focus on how we can advocate and take action for a better world. Thinking differently about how we can communicate messages has been a part of the exhibition process this year.


Exhibition evening saw students advocating creatively using displays, posters, writing, through IT, dance and drama to name just a few. The effort and growth that students made in areas that are hard to see – such as the development of skills and taking of action was also so impressive. Students have had to negotiate, develop empathy, be balanced, manage their time, work on communication skills, and reflect on knowledge, conversations and questions and so much more and they have been so open-minded and principled in their exhibition journeys.  


It was wonderful to see so many families from our school community attend the event and we thank them for their support.