Amelia Grace, a Prep to Year 12 student, was named Queensland’s 2016 Outstanding Academic Achiever. Minji Song, an international student who migrated with her family to Australia and joined Trinity in Year 2, was the recipient of the Highest Results by an International Student by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

The Outstanding Academic Achiever award recognises Amelia as the TOP Year 12 student in Queensland. She was awarded the $60000 Sir Samuel Griffith scholarship to study Engineering at Griffith University.

Minji, who was accelerated one grade due to her aptitude, has chosen to study Medicine at the University of Melbourne. The girls’ achievements affirm that Trinity has not only a high academicstandard, but a schooling environment that is ideal for students who

strive to become the best they can be. Through the continuous support of dedicated and passionate teachers, along with the commitment of the students, Trinity continues to foster the academic hopes and dreams of its students. These two students are inspiring examples who confirm Trinity’s Head, Heart and Hand approach to learning.