Despite the wet weather postponing the Years 4-6 Athletics carnival in Term 2, it was all smiles and big performances when we ran the event on the first day back at school in Term 3. We were blessed with great winter weather, awesome student participation and top-quality athletic performances. All students proudly represented their house with pride and passion, with many opportunities to run, jump and throw against their classmates and age group opponents, and earn points in championship and non – championship events. Congratulations to Stephan who claimed the top prize as champion house of the event. Congratulations to all our age champions who competed and showcased their talents in multiple events to earn the top individual award in their respective age groups.

Record Setters

11 Yrs Boys Discus

Nicholas Doherty: 20.29m

Age Champions

9 Yrs Girls:

  1. Tigi Lien-Jenkins (Stephan)
  2. Naomi De Vito (Stephan)
  3. Ann Armenio Mengana (Strohmeyer)

9 Yrs Boys:

  1. James Moffatt (Mackenzie)
  2. Shiv Gupta (Strohmeyer)
  3. Ethan Liu (Mackenzie)

10 Yrs Girls:

  1. Lilly Morrissey (Mackenzie)
  2. Savannah Yared (Mackenzie)
  3. Domenica Bandiera (Stephan)

10 Yrs Boys:

  1. Jack Fanning (Stephan)
  2. Jackson Kennedy (Strohmeyer)
  3. Aiden Durbridge (Strohmeyer)

11 Yrs Girls:

  1. Willow Haywood (Mackenzie)
  2. Maisy McDougall (Strohmeyer)
  3. Georgia Scantlebury (Strohmeyer)

11 Yrs Boys:

  1. Nicholas Doherty (Stephan)
  2. Rhys Cargill (Stephan)
  3. Ethan Manns (Stephan)

12 Yrs Girls:

  1. Holly Stewart (Stephan)
  2. Allegra Bandiera (Stephan)
  3. Isabella Barker (Mackenzie)

12 Yrs Boys:

  1. Jules Glass (Strohmeyer)
  2. Jack White (Stephan)
  3. Andrew Pinkerton (Mackenzie)