This week marks Under 8s Week in Australia. It’s a day that was initiated by Early Childhood Australia, Queensland. They wanted to create a day that was dedicated to highlighting how important the early years of a child’s life are. Especially in terms of learning and development. 


The theme for this year’s Under 8’s Week is “PLAY – You, me and our communities”. Children learn best in a hands-on and engaging environment, which play ultimately provides. During the act of play children are exploring, taking risks, engaging their imagination, and solving problems. They are learning valuable skills that support social, physical and cognitive development.


Not only do play-based programs provide increased exposure to new concepts or ideas, but they also help children make positive mental associations between fun and learning. In turn, this lays an important foundation for developing children into curious and engaged learners.


A very big WELL DONE to our Early Learning Centre and Prep to Year 2 staff who did an absolutely incredible job putting together the vast array of activities for our boys and girls to enjoy. There were so many different opportunities for them to play and learn with their friends and the whole event was a testament to the strength and commitment of our Foundational Years team. A big thank you too, to all the parents and grandparents who were able to come along and join in the fun – we appreciate your time and effort.


The activities included:

  • Fantasy play like making Wombat Stew.
  • Creative activities like colouring-in.
  • Sensopathic play like sand troughs, bubble play and play dough.
  • Large and fine muscle activities from puzzles and toy cars to hopscotch.
  • Language development through story telling.
  • Perceptual skills like box construction, Lego and board games
  • Outdoor play with balls – catching and throwing.