At Trinity we were very blessed to receive a grant from LLL Bank to allow us to focus on one of the “Earthcare charters” for Lutheran Education Australia. With our Year 7 cohort, we have been investigating how, as custodians of our planet, we can find ways to prevent polluting our sacred site and home. The Trinity ECO CLUB decided what physical resources needed to be purchased and a team of eight students ventured to Bunnings to purchase these products.

On Wednesday 30th May 2018, a number of students from Middle and Senior years gathered to set up our Trinity ECO CLUB area.We have: two large composting bins and two tumbling bins for green waste and general composting, and two worm farms for specific fruit and vegetable scraps. Students are responsible for the collection of waste from specific bins – placed around the school, and processing the food scraps into either the large bins, or the worm farm.

Trinity ECO CLUB meets three times per term (Wednesday lunch times), and any student can join! This is a fantastic opportunity for students to have first hand experience in a service project to improve the school grounds, and also contribute to a sustainable future.

The Trinity ECO CLUB has been made possible by an earthcare grant of $2000 from the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL).