As parents, we all want to raise our children to make moral choices and decisions that will lead them toward honourable and successful lives as citizens that contribute positively to society. At Trinity Lutheran College, we help our students build a moral compass that gives them a sense of direction when faced with life’s difficult decisions. With our strong Christian values and principles, we create a nurturing environment for young people to grow into their own unique success stories.

Chapel services led by students, staff and the college pastors take place regularly each week. Parents and friends are always welcome to attend these services. Devotional activities occur within class and pastoral care group time, which further support faith and personal development, helping students conduct their lives and use their God-given talents so as to make a positive impact on those around them.

We hope this video of a recent Chapel service at our Junior Years campus will give you a glimpse of the fun and joyful way in which our students learn to make wise, moral choices in an increasingly challenging world.