Ellie Whittaker is an inspiring Trinity alumnus who has successfully created her own unique and compelling brand, and effectively developed and grown her own textile design business. Ellie is a textiles designer whose work is highly sought after amongst the indie-children’s clothing market. She designs fabrics and collections for labels such as Alfie’s Children’s Apparel, Minoche, Kapow Kids, Goosebumps Boutique Bedding and Kippins along with Cotton On Kids and Target Australia. Her exquisite Ellie Whittaker Fabric Designs range was acquired by Spotlight Stores nationwide and went on sale in October 2018.

Ellie graduated from QCA in 2009 and shortly after gave birth to her eldest son. She then discovered the world of the WAHM (Work At Home Mum!) and began to see the need for unique Australian fabrics among the WAHM craft community. She grew up in a very crafty environment and was always strong in illustration, so when she discovered a site that would print her designs on-demand she developed a burning desire to figure out how to design fabric. She taught herself, through many, many hours of online learning and practice and then connected with these fellow ‘Mumpreneurs’, offering her designs and working together to create custom designs for their businesses. Her business has grown immensely from its humble beginnings and she now creates artwork for fabrics that are licensed and commissioned by companies like Cotton On Kids, Target and Spotlight.