City of Gold Coast’s Junior Council is a two–year civic leadership program aimed at students in Years 10 and 11 from Gold Coast high schools. It enables students to learn about the role of local government and develop skills to become engaged young leaders who actively participate in their local community. Students enter the program in Year 10 as junior participants and progress to senior members in Year 11. As seniors, participants are eligible to nominate for Executive Committee positions (including Junior Mayor, Deputy Junior Mayor and Executive Team members).

Established in 1993, the program now has more than 100 students from 30 local schools engaged each year. This is the largest leadership program of its kind in Queensland.

The program provides students with the opportunity to actively participate in their local community, by:

Last Friday morning, Trinity’s Junior Council representatives joined with other schools from around the Gold Coast to participate in a fantastic GCC Council event.

Year 10 students Lili Williams, Harrison Mather and Year 11 students Irene Halse and John An participated in a Junior Council Expo comprised of over sixteen stalls that informed students of current local issues, resources and events. These covered areas including: environmental conservation, animal welfare, recycling and sustainability, travel, health, city planning and infrastructure, emergency planning, and culture and the Arts.

The students participated in a range of fun activities and competitions before working in teams to learn about city budgets and future planning. Our representatives were outstanding. They really enjoyed learning more about our local community and council, and networking with other future leaders.