2022 Battle of the Bands | Trinity Lutheran College


Prayer, passion, inclusivity, and affirmation were the key ingredients to this year’s Battle of the Bands. The philosophy behind this 32-year-old tradition is about ‘having a go’ and sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone for the benefit of your House. ADancers, singers and instrumentalists of all levels are encouraged to be a part of something bigger than themselves, to be passionate and to show a lot of spirit.

And that is what each house band brought on Friday 17 March to a 500 strong audience, as 60 students took to the stage to battle it out for the 2022 Battle of the Bands title.

The audience were thrilled to celebrate the talents each house, Strohmeyer, Mackenzie, and Stephan, displayed and we are incredibly proud of all the students involved as they independently created, directed, choreographed and rehearsed their performances.

There were three very diverse bands, each with their own distinct style who each performed entertaining and highly polished sets. Each band had a wonderful selection of repertoire, beautiful vocal and dance pieces, and outstanding instrumental performances. After a very entertaining night, Mackenzie House was crowned the 2022 Battle of the Band winner!

Special mention also goes to the following students for their outstanding success in being awarded:




Best vocalist: Ava Bizjak

Best guitarist: Max Mooney

Best bass player: Kiam Lee

Best drummer: Jay Spears

Best keyboard player: Ruoxin Zhang

Best instrumentalist: Abbey Bradley



Best singer: Amelia Mills

Best dancer: Annabelle Godfrey



Judges Choice award: Archie Hill


We were thrilled to have Jasmine Meakin (Dance), Leona Collier (Instrumental) and Alumus Naomi Leader (Vocals) as our esteemed judges, who were blown away by the high level of the performances, the electrifying atmosphere and the spirit of the event.

Thank you to the much loved “staff band” who took centre stage whilst the judges were deliberating and gave a fantastic performance yet again. This was without a doubt, the BEST STAFF BAND EVER!!!


Congratulations to past students Lily Moore-Carter and Finn Cross, our MCs for the evening and to all staff who made the evening possible, including the wonderful Mr Clarke and the fabulous Performing Arts department. The night was a true celebration of school spirit and community, and we look forward to upholding this great tradition in 2023.


Written by Ms Cherie Smith, Director of Arts